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Tayrona Financial – Investor Relations

Our practice draws on the financial markets expertise of our parent Tayrona Financial, combined with our extensive experience in investor relations and corporate communications.

We specialise in working with clients to identify and refine their key investment themes; we then formulate this into an investment story that resonates with the investment community and traditional media, as well as unconventional channels that tap into digital media, Tayrona Financial's subscriber base, and more.
Providing a Voice for Small to Mid-Cap Listed Companies

We are cognisant that for many small to mid-cap companies, it can be challenging to garner consistent analyst and media coverage. Singapore is a relatively small media market, and analysts may be less inclined to cover stocks below a certain market capitalisation. We are able to circumvent this limitation through Tayrona Financial's unique platform – a subscriber base of knowledgeable retail investors, an online portal, social media presence, and the ability to produce in-house research reports as well as video content.

Digital Media – the Way Forward

Whilst the importance of traditional media cannot be ignored, digital media is undoubtedly the way of the future, as visible in the increasing prevalence of gadgets and mobile connectivity in our everyday lives. We are currently building up our digital capabilities and content to help our clients tap into this trend, and harnessing it to reach out to investors and shareholders in new and innovative ways.

Our Approach

Being part of the Tayrona Financial family, we have the unique advantage of being able to leverage the parent group’s deep experience in the capital markets. With this holistic perspective, we are able to offer clients not just a different and deeper perspective of their communications vis-à-vis the financial markets, but we can also draw on a full suite of corporate finance advisory services as well as analyst coverage.

Crystallising the Investment Story Angle with Research Support
Having ties to an in-house research team allows us to tap on their perspectives, to better understand what the investment community looks for when analysing stocks. We take these insights on board in crafting the investment thesis and angles for our clients, then translating this into deliverables which will deliver maximum impact.

Cohesive Communications for Corporate Finance and Capital Raising
Our investor relations consulting goes hand-in-hand with corporate advisory, ensuring that clients do not run afoul of listing rules and requirements. We also have the ability to work alongside our corporate finance team, ensuring that the capital-raising activities are supported by a strategic communications campaign that addresses the concerns of key stakeholders.


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