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FAQFrequently Asked Questions

Do I need to subscribe first before entering to the free section of the site as I am prompted for a user ID and password?

No, you do not need to subscribe to Tayrona Financial in order to gain access to the free sections of the Tayrona Financial site. However, you still have to register as a user to obtain access to these free sections.

Our premium sections are open to paying subscribers only.

How do I subscribe to the website?

To register, you can simply click on the "SUBSCRIBE!" button on the left side of Tayrona Financial homepage for access to our free content and our daily e-mail summary. After filling in all the required particulars on the registration form, click on the "submit registration" button and a computer-generated password will be sent to you through your email address immediately.

What is a"password prompt question" and a "password prompt answer"?

This is an additional security measure used to confirm that you are the authorized user if you have forgotten your password and need to reset it. You can use any personal question and answer, for example, "What is your month of birth?".

When you want to reset your password, the system will prompt you with the password question. When you reply with the exact same text as what you entered in the password answer field, a new password will be generated and sent to your email address.

I have registered with Tayrona Financial website an hour ago but yet to receive the password.

The computer-generated password will be sent to you immediately through your email address upon your registration. If you have not received the password, the most common issues we have encountered in this situation is (a) a mistake in typing in your email address, or (b) that your mailbox is full. In this case, you should email us at [email protected] for assistance.

Can I update or change my particulars / password?

Yes, you can click on the "change account info" under "MEMBER" on the left side of Tayrona Financial homepage to make the necessary amendments. Then click on "update information only" to save the changes made.

Why can't I access to some reports in the website using my user ID and password?

The most common issues we have in this situation are (a) you are reading our premium content, which is only available for our paying subscribers only, or (b) your subscription has expired.

However, if both of the above-mentioned situations do not apply to you and your Tayrona Financial account was registered through one of the brokers in partnership with us, you will have to check with your broker on the status of your account.

Is the daily morning email market commentary chargeable?

However, we wish to let you know that you can get the full report of our daily market commentary, only if you are a paying subscriber.

Why can't I access some of the reports listed in the morning email market commentary?

Most of our reports listed in the morning e-mail market commentary are premium contents, which is only available for paying subscribers. But you can still gain access to those reports that are in the free section of the website.

Another reason for not being able to access the reports directly from your email may be your email software/application. Older software does not allow you to click on the the link to the reports as they appear only as normal text. Alternatively, you can access all reports directly through the website. Please take note of the browser stated in point 14.

The reports are posted on our website every morning between 8.15am and 8.30am.

How can I continue to gain access to the premium content?

To gain access to the premium sections of the website, you will need to be a paying subscriber.

Will my account be activated immediately once I subscribe to the website?

If you are paying by cheque, your account will be activated when your cheque has reached our office.

If you are using on-line credit card payment, your account will be activated immediately through our automated system.

In any case, we will inform you on the receipt of your payment and the activation of your account through email.

How do I make an on-line credit card payment?

For on-line credit card payment, you can follow the steps below:

(a) Go to http://www.tayronafinancial.com/Research/RegisterMain.aspx.
(b) Select the amount to pay and click on the respective button.
(c) Type in your user ID and password. Then click at the "continue" button.
(d) Update your personal particulars and click at the "continue check out" button.
(e) Click 'Yes' to secured payment screen.
(f) Enter your name, credit card number and credit card expiry date.
(g) Click at the "pay now" button.
(h) You will get the transaction status screen. Print it or write down the merchant ref no.
(i) Then click "Print", "Login" or "Back to Home" button.

Why do I receive duplicate copies of morning email market commentary everyday?

You will receive duplicate copies of daily morning email if you have registered yourself more than once with Tayrona Financial website.

To remove your earlier registered user ID from our database, please mail us at [email protected] with your old user ID